What is the Integrated Till System?


What is the Integrated Till System?  The integrated till system includes a touch screen till & however many card terminals you need. All of these devices provide real-time access to payments, orders, and even seating plans from any till or card terminal.


The card readers included in this till system are wireless and allow your staff to move freely, eliminate errors, and speed up order times.


No more runnng back and forth to the till to update & amend orders. Do it all from any card terminal and give your team flexibility. All devices access and update information instantly.


Especially popular with businesses such as cafes, hotels restaurants, bars & pubs.



Manage Payments & Orders

The integrated till system for hospitality businesses

Take payments, instantly send orders to the kitchen or other staff, amend seating plans.

Ditch the juggling act of multiple devices and say goodbye to clunky software. Our integrated till system seamlessly connects your card transactions, order management, and staff communication, putting everything you need at your fingertips.

No more manual order entry or payment errors. Need to re-seat a party? Our dynamic seating plans adjust in seconds, while staff members collaborate across devices, ensuring every customer receives top-notch service.

Is Your Till System a Dinosaur?

Don’t Get Left Behind!

Our integrated till system seamlessly accepts magnetic stripe, ChipPIN, contactless, and the latest e-wallets.

Experience a streamlined checkout process, enhanced security with cutting-edge features, and future-proofed technology that adapts to the ever-changing payment landscape.

Low Processing Fees

We understand that every penny counts in the hospitality industry.

That’s why we pride ourselves on offering some of the lowest processing fees in the market, combined with an exceptionally low rate for our integrated card terminal and till system.

We also provide free delivery, installation, and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective transition to your new all-in-one solution.

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    Want to know more about the other features?

    Extra benefits of the integrated till systems

    • Data-Driven Decisions: Gain insights with a full reporting suite for data analytics.
    • Effortless Order Management: Stay organised with an intuitive order management dashboard.
    • Always Connected: Enjoy exceptional reliability with Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity.
    • 24/7 Support: Get help anytime with convenient 24/7 support.
    • Split Bills with Ease: (Pro Version) Simplify group payments with table-side bill splitting.
    • Quick & Easy Setup: Free and simple installation, ready to use out of the box.
    • Unbeatable Value: Experience an exceptionally low price for an integrated till system with included payment terminals.



Ditch the Wait, Boost Your Hospitality Business!


Introducing the next-gen solution for faster service, happier customers, and increased revenue.

  • Slow revenue start? Get up and running instantly with semi-integrated setup.
  • Speed up service: Take orders & accept payments instantly (split bills, pay-at-table)
  • Reduce errors & costs: Orders fly straight to the kitchen, no room for mistakes.
  • Boost revenue: Upsell prompts & promotions drive higher order value


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A PAX terminal is a specific brand of payment terminal made by the company PAX Technology. PAX Technology is a manufacturer that is one of the world’s leading suppliers of these devices. 


  • EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale, a modern system combining hardware and software to manage payments, orders, inventory, and more for your business.


    The one-time-purchase cost depends on which bundle you opt for.

    Standard £85
    You get almost all features of the PAX & EPOS Terminal system, only without Epos Now smartPOS license & Pay-at-table split bill functionality.

    Pro £99
    All features of PAX card reader, EPOS & smartPOS

  • We can have your card reader system delivered to you and intalled within 2 days of your order placement.

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