PAX Terminal with Smart POS

A semi-integrated solution to increase speed to revenue. Terminal can be used upon delivery without the need to wait for POS set up.


Helping Hospitality Businesses take Payments Effortlessly

Perfect for cafes, bakeries, shops & restaurants.

Move freely, serve smartly


  • Ditch the bulky POS: Give your staff freedom & flexibility with mobile terminals.
  • Speed up service: Orders fly to the kitchen, errors vanish, tables turn faster.
  • Flexible payments: Split bills, pay-at-table – happy customers, higher revenue.


Boost your bottom line

  • Upsell prompts: Guide customers to delicious extras, watch profits soar.
  • Powerful reporting: Uncover trends, optimise operations, make data-driven decisions.
  • Seamless integration: Works with your existing systems, giving you total control.


Compete like a giant, operate like a genius. Start today!

  • About the PAX Terminal

    Payments Terminal: PAX A920 Pro and A920 Pro Charge Cradle

    POS Software: Via ISV integration to PAX POSitive Payment Application

    Connectivity: 4G & WI-FI enabled

    Reporting: Dashboard (Free or Premium versions)

    Safer Payments: For PCI Compliance (Basic or Plus)


Monthly rental of the device for only £55 (includes device delivery, swaps and support)

  • Why choose the PAX card terminal?

    The PAX System – the simple solution for your business needs.

    • Tailored for both retail and hospitality point of sale
    • Flexible payment options to suit your preferences
    • Multiple store capability for scalable growth
    • Benefit from expert advice and regular support
    • Personalised 1-on-1 onboarding to ensure a smooth transition


    Power up your business with our all-in-one PAX Terminals

Ditch the Wait, Speed Up Your Hospitality Business!

Introducing the next-gen solution for faster service, happier customers, and increased revenue.

  • Slow revenue start? Get up and running instantly with semi-integrated setup.
  • Speed up service: Take orders & accept payments instantly (split bills, pay-at-table)
  • Reduce errors & costs: Orders fly straight to the kitchen, no room for mistakes.
  • Boost revenue: Upsell prompts & promotions drive higher order value

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The PAX terminal is a smart mobile terminal that allows your staff to take payments from various parts of your premisses.


  • PAX POS systems are point-of-sale (POS) terminals used for processing various types of payments in different business settings. 


    The card reader only costs £55 & includes device delivery, swaps and support.

  • Think of it as a payment processing hub: customers pay, info travels securely, system verifies and approves, transaction complete!

    But it’s more than just payments: manage inventory, track employees, and gain business insights – all in one system.

    Security is built-in: PAX prioritizes protecting your transactions and data.

    Simple yet powerful, PAX POS helps businesses run smoothly and grow.

Get card payment ready today!

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